Dr. Seuss is NOT the Cat in the Hat! - Preschool Activities to Celebrate Dr. Seuss

Hand Puppet Craft Featuring The Cat in the Hat
Photo Source: Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi

If you've ever talked Dr. Seuss with a Preschooler you're sure to have realized they often associate the children's author with the Cat in the Hat. It's an innocent misstake. Let's be honest - the Cat in the Hat appears almost everywhere Dr. Seuss is mentioned!

We love that Jessi over at Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi suggested taking the time to clarify with your kiddos. Spend a little time talking about the real Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) and then spend even more time celebrating his special day!

Green Eggs & Ham Craft

Provide each of your students with a white paper plate and small pieces of green and white construction paper. Ask them to cut green eggs and ham from the paper and glue the pieces onto their plates. Then provide each student with a pre-fashioned 'fork' to glue to their plate, created using silver pipe cleaners.

Preschool Craft Featuring Green Eggs and Ham
Photo Source: Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi

Side Note: It would probably be helpful to show students a completed example before they start to work on their plates!

Red Fish Blue Fish Handprint Craft

Provide each student with a half piece of white construction paper and assist them in creating their handprints using red and blue paint. Once the paint is dry, add a pair of puckered lips to each fish along with a label written in black marker. Jessi recommended asking students to make their very own fish faces while they completed the craft. A surefire way to amuse!

Handprint Craft Featuring Red Fish Blue Fish
Photo Source: Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi

Fishing for Exercise Activity

Get your kiddos up and moving with this exciting fishing activity! Print several colorful fish onto white paper and cut them out. On the back of each fish, write an exercise activity. It could be anything from doing 10 jumping jacks, to singing Mary Had a Little Lamb while bending to touch your toes. Here's your chance to be creative!

Attach a paper clip to the nose of each fish when you're finished writing. And, of course, you'll need a fishing pole! The fishing pole can be easily crafted using a stick, a piece of string or yarn and a magnet.

Have your students take turns 'fishing.' Once they've caught a fish, they have to complete the activity written on the back! Time to get the silliness started :)

Exercise Game Featuring Dr. Seuss
Photo Source: Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi

Jessi has an incredible collection of classroom ideas for Preschoolers. Be sure to stop by her site soon!