Craft Stick Sled Ornament Craft

craft stick sled

Inspired by our recent post on homemade craft stick ornaments >> 5 Homemade Craft Stick Ornament Ideas! >> our good friend and preschool teacher, Jennifer Dobson, sent us this craft stick sled ornament she made with her students this season! It's easy to do, looks great, and will make a great addition to any tree!

Supplies You'll Need

  • 6 jumbo craft sticks
  • 2 regular craft sticks
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or string
  • Acrylic paint in assorted colors

How To Make A Craft Stick Sled

Start with three of the jumbo craft sticks; lay them side-by-side. Keeping the outer two lined up, push the middle one forward so that it sticks about ½-inch above the others. Glue the three sticks together and let dry.

three jumbo craft sticks side by side

Place the two regular craft sticks on either side, centering them next to the outer jumbo craft sticks. Glue together and let dry. This will be the seat of the sled.

three jumbo craft sticks with one regular craft stick on either side

Cut the rounded edges off one of the remaining jumbo craft sticks. Measure and cut two 1–¾ inch long sections.

jumbo craft stick ready for cutting

Once all glue has dried, flip the sled over and place the 1–¾ inch sections in the opposite direction of the larger craft sticks at both the top and bottom to create crossbars. Glue in place and let dry.

craft stick sled and cross bars

The final two jumbo craft sticks will be used for the sled’s blades. Glue them standing up on end to the bottom of the sled. Because such a small surface area is being glued, it’s best to hold the craft sticks in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to set. Let glue dry fully before moving to the next step.

jumbo craft stick sled with blades added

Once the glue has fully dried, use acrylic paint to decorate the sled. Help students script their name across the top of the sled. Glue a piece of yarn or string to the bottom of the sled as the pull cord (which can also allow the sled to double as an ornament) once the paint has dried.

painted craft stick sled with yarn pull string

Students of any age are sure to enjoy creating this craft stick sled!