Christmas Tree Graph

Christmas Tree Math Graphing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We absolutely love this Christmas tree graphing exercise we found at Mrs. Wood's Dual Language Kindergarten Class and think it would be a perfect Christmas math center activity! The gist of the exercise - students are provided with a Christmas tree cutout that's been decorated with various items {light bulbs, ornaments, stars, presents, etc} and a recording sheet. To complete the activity, students must count the number of each item on the tree, writing the number on a recording sheet, then graphing the results.

Other considerations...

  • Provide your kiddos with the Christmas tree cutout and craft embellishments, inviting them to decorate their own tree. Then, invite your students to use the recording sheet to analyze their selections.
  • Collect the individual graphs to create a class data set to graph and analyze - determining the total number of each item found on the trees, how many students had the most/least presents, ornaments, etc.

For this and other awesome activities, be sure to visit Mrs. Wood's Dual Language Kindergarten Class!