Cell Phones & Driving

High School Human Behavior Science Fair Project
Photo © 2009 Lisa Padilla, Flickr

Talking, texting, gaming, catching up with social media - these are just a few of the things cell phone users can do at any given moment. Not only can cell phones be a distraction in school, around the dinner table, or even when out with friends, statistics have shown that they can be a huge distraction to drivers as well. For the high school student interested in determining if a cell phone conversation can adversely affect reaction time, making the person behind the wheel a more dangerous driver, be sure to send them over to this great science fair project created by Dr. Andrew Olson of Science Buddies

The great thing about this project is - since cell phones are so prevalent - students won't have a hard time getting their hands on the materials needed to complete the project! Not only that, Dr. Olsen does a great job of helping students prepare and complete the project providing a brief introduction, suggested topics/concepts/questions for research, a list of several helpful sources, a list of materials needed, a step-by-step experiment procedure, and even a list of variations to make your project more complete/interesting!

For this fantastic science fair project, be sure to visit Science Buddies!