Bacteria Growth - What Part of Your School is 'Germ-iest'?

Elementary and Middle School Science Fair ProjectEver wonder about the germs lurking at your school - whether the vending machines, the bathroom door handles, or even your desk in 3rd period math is a breeding ground for bacteria? Have you ever thought about which door handle at your school has the most germs or which part of the school is the 'germ-iest'? The creators of Science Bob's Blog think this would make a cool science fair project and so do we! All you need is a bit of brainstorming and research {i.e. where bacteria commonly grows, what conditions bacteria needs to thrive, etc.} and a bacteria growing kit, and you'll be well on your way to a fun and inventive project! ...A bonus, you might be able to gross out a few of your classmates and teachers!

For an easy-to-understand write-up of the project, some great bacteria focused project alternatives, and lots of other great resources {including an online science supply store}, be sure to visit the full project post at Science Bob's Blog!

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