As a student teacher what was the most frustrating thing you had to deal with?

Sample Answer: Although I loved the student teaching experience and I learned a lot from the teachers that I worked with, there were some frustrating moments. Some of the teachers that I worked with were very experienced and I found their teaching styles to be in conflict with my own style that I have adopted from training in college. For me, that was probably the toughest part of the whole experience. I never had any real trouble with any of my students.

Tip: It’s okay to admit frustration during the interview process. This positions you as a real person. Anyone who says that some aspect of the student teaching process was not frustrating was either very patient or a very good liar. No interviewer for any job will believe that you don’t have weaknesses and are immune from frustration. So while admitting your downfalls makes you human, you don’t want to focus on them.