All Things Ants! Preschool Activities

Ants to Teach the Letter A
Photo Source: Preschool Alphabet

Spend the week with your Preschoolers learning about the letter A and all things Ants! Lindsy over at Preschool Alphabet put together a list of several different activities that are sure to keep your kiddos engaged!

The Letter A - Practice Gluing

Provide each of your students with a white piece of paper with a pre-printed capital A (as shown above). Then have them trace the A with glue and glue on plastic ants.

Nature Walk - How Many Ants Can You Find?

Arm your kiddos with magnifying glasses and head outdoors! See how many ants you can uncover on your walk. An activity sure to excite the boys in class!

Ant Restaurant - What Do Ants Like to Eat?

Take a paper plate and place several different types of food on it. Be sure to label each type of food in case they look similar. You could use anything you have available: raisins, popcorn, fruit, salt, chocolate, etc. Be creative and use a variety!

Place the plate outside where you have noticed ants before (try to make sure the spot is also shaded) and leave the plate be for an hour or so. Then take your class outside to discover which foods the ants like the best.

Ant Restaurant - What Do Ants Like to Eat
Photo Source: Preschool Alphabet

Fingerprint Ants Craft

Have your students create ants with their fingerprints and paint! Three fingerprints per ant and black crayon to add legs and antennae. Have them create the ants along the bottom section of the page and after the paint dries give them crayons to draw in a background.

Clothespin Ant Craft

This cute craft is perfect for Spring and heading into picnic weather! After completing, the adorable critters can be used for holding down a tablecloth outdoors. We all know how pesky tableclothes can be when they won't stay put!

Step 1: Paint the clothespin black.

Step 2: Using a black pipe cleaner, thread it through two holes of a black button and trim to a length to look like antennae.

Step 3: Take three pieces of black pipe cleaner and thread them through the spring on the clothespin and trim to length for legs.

Step 4: Take the button you used to create the antennae and glue it to the front of the clothespin (where it opens), along with two additional black buttons.

Step 5: Add a small pair of wiggle eyes to the antennae button.

Step 6: Go outside and have a picnic!

Ant Clothespin Craft for Spring
Photo Source: Preschool Alphabet

Ants on a Log - Snack Idea

Complete your ant unit with a cute and healthy snack! Cut celery stalks into thirds, or halves depending on how large you want each snack to be. Then fill the inside with peanut butter and dot with raisins (ants). Yum! Super simple and delicious!

Hopefully you find these ideas helpful in rounding out your ant unit for Spring! Be sure to stop by Preschool Alphabet to check out Lindsy's fantastic ideas for Preschool!