A Wordle for Black History Month

Middle School Black History Month Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Mary Ann Mulroe

Mary Ann Mulroe, librarian at Heritage Middle School in Illinois, sent in a picture of her fabulous word cloud display for the month of February and Black History Month. We love the use of color, the 3D effect, and the uniqueness of the design!

Black History Month Wordle

  • Background: White or black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Black History Month"
  • Border: Complimentary solid color trimmer.
  • Decoration: Brainstorm a list of words relevant to Black History Month - discrimination, minority, segregation, etc. - and use word processing software to create and print word cards. Create visual interest using various fonts, font colors, font sizes, etc. Mount each word card onto colorful card stock, creating colorful borders, then arrange the words around the board. Mary Ann also suggests mounting some of the word cards onto strips of Styrofoam, making them 'pop' from the display and creating a 3D effect.