A Beginners Lesson on Hibernation

Fall or Winter Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: puppylovepreschool.blogspot.com

While hibernation certainly goes with winter lessons, it's also a great concept to pull out during the fall season through a "winter preparedness" lesson of sorts. You can discuss with your kiddos how bears {and lots of other animals} use the warmer months to prepare for the long winter season by storing food {for those animals that do not hibernate}, eating more food to build fat stores/warmth {for those animals that DO hibernate}, building warm/secure homes, etc. Charge your students with the task of making observations whenever they're outside, reporting to the class any winter preparations/changes they see...

  • "Yesterday, my dad and I saw lots of geese flying south."
  • "At the park, I saw a squirrel with an acorn."
  • "My dog's coat is getting thicker."

We also found this fun hibernation lesson at Puppy Love Preschool that your students are sure to love. It includes lots of great literature, creating a fun cave for you and your students, making bear habitats from recycled materials, a cutesy song, and an outdoor adventure!

Be sure to head on over to Puppy Love Preschool for more details - and to find out the difference between hibernation and torpor!