100th Day Writing Fun - When I am 100...

Another fun activity to do with your kinders on 100th day is to have them think about what it will be like and what they will be like when they're 100-years-old! Here are a few ways to incorporate the theme into your lesson plans...

100th Day of School Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Invite your students to dress up like a 100-year-old! The costumes are sure to be super fun and will definitely make for a memorable 100th day celebration!

100th Day of School Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: glitzyinfirstgrade.blogspot.com

When I Am 100...

As a group, have fun discussing what you might look like, how you might act, and what you might do when you're 100 years old. We love this fun and colorful bubble map we found over at Glitzy in First Grade and think it's a great way to help organize your kiddos' thoughts. Once each of your kinders has had a chance to share their thoughts, do a fun writing craftivity, inviting your students to create a portrait of their 100-year-old selves and write a short entry about what they might be like to attach underneath! For inspiration, check out the adorable examples from Life Is Sweet...In Kindergarten {pictured below}!

100th Day of School Writing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: sweetkindergarten.blogspot.com

With these fun activities, we're sure your 100th day of school celebration is sure to be memorable!