10 Apples Up on Top

Dr Seuss Preschool Lesson Plan

Great for practicing early math and reading skills, with it's simple rhymes and quirky characters, 10 Apples Up on Top offers a great addition to your plans for Dr. Seuss' birthday/Read Across America. Here are a few fun ways to incorporate the Seuss selection into your lessons...

Dr Seuss Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: schooltube.com

Animated Reading. Instead of simply reading the selection to your kiddos, show them this animated reading from SchoolTube!

Dr Seuss Storytelling Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: chapelhillsnippets.blogspot.com

Story Retelling. Use these fantastic story props from Ruth over at Chapel Hill Snippets to have your students retell the story! A great way to assess reading comprehension and build early reading skills as well as counting and fine motor skills, this would be a fun partner or small group exercise!

Dr Seuss Craftivity and Math Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: lovingmynest.com

10 Apples Up on Top! Help your preschoolers practice counting and numeral identification/formation with this fun craft from Loving My Nest. With FREE printable provided at the site, simply invite your students to draw a self-portrait, then cut, color, and number the apple cutouts. Once finished, students can then put the apples in the correct order - 1 through 10 - and paste the cutouts 'on top of their head'! Simple, cute, and fun!

Dr Seuss Counting Game and Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: izziemacandme.blogspot.com

10 Apples Counting Game. This game from Izzie, Mac and Me puts a twist on the activity above! Starting with a picture mat - of one of the book characters, a classmate, or themselves - as well as apple cutouts numbered 1 through 10 and a recycled egg carton game shaker, students will build counting and numeral recognition skills as they shake the carton, identify the number 'rolled', and count out the appropriate number of apples.

Dr Seuss Patterning Preschool Printable and Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: makinglearningfun.com

10 Apples Patterning. Don't miss this great patterning activity from Making Learning Fun!

Dr Seuss Sight Word Game and Preschool Lesson Plan
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10 Apples Sight Word Game. We know your kiddos will have a blast practicing sight words {or letters/numbers} with this fun game from Bern over at Mom To 2 Posh Lil Divas! Not only will they get to go "bobbing for apples", they'll also be racing to see who can hook, identify, and "stack" 10 apple sight words the fastest!

Dr Seuss Preschool Printables and Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: homeschoolshare.com

Printable Unit. This printable unit from Homeschool Share also offers a lot of great activity ideas and printables. Our favorites - the apple tree counting mats, where students are invited to identify the numeral on the tree and add the appropriate number of apple cutouts, and the apple/numeral matching cards! Be sure to visit Homeschool Share for this great download!

We hope these resources are helpful! Happy learning!