Writer's Eyeglasses - Writing Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary Writing Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: mrsphippen.blogspot.com

We thought this bulletin board design from first grade teacher, Starr Phippen, is a great way to get your students {of any age} to pay attention to important writing elements. With each writing exercise, Mrs. Phippen encourages her students to proofread their compositions using their "writer's eyeglasses" (sentences start with capital letters, sentences are properly punctuated, etc.} and we think this is a fantastic way for any teacher to develop polished, confident writers!

[NOTE: Remember that the criteria students use to examine their work can be tailored to meet the objectives of their skill level.]

Writer's Eyeglasses Bulletin Board

  • Background: Light colored bulletin board paper.
  • Title: Using Your "Writer's Eyeglasses"!
  • Border: Black polka dot border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Eyeglasses. Starr recommends making the eyeglasses out of embroidery hoops and the eyes out of black plastic bowls. Mount the finished frames at the top of the bulletin board. 2) The Criteria. Script or print the concepts you want your students to pay attention to onto poster board or card stock and arrange them around the board. If you wish, leave a space in the center of the board to display pieces of writing that embody all of the criteria {highlighting students' work throughout the year}.

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