Wreaths From Leftover Jelly Beans

Too many jelly beans left over from Easter? Here is a great craft that will put these tasty treats to good use and provide colorful spring decoration for your classroom.

Supplies You'll Need
- Jelly beans!
- Easter grass
- Sturdy wreath frame
- Spray adhesive
- Clear acrylic spray paint This wreath can be a bit time consuming if you want your students to appreciate and employ the use of patterning, but will be well worth the work. Use recycled cardboard boxes (e.g. cereal, cracker, etc.) to create mini-wreath frames for each of your students before beginning the activity. Set up a supply station and have your students file up in an orderly manner to collect their craft materials. Once everyone is seated, begin making a loop around the room with the spray adhesive. Spray each child's frame and instruct them to place their Easter grass evenly around the circle. With this completed, make another round with the glue and encourage your children to repeat the process with jelly beans. After the kids have gone home for the day, spray each wreath with clear acrylic and set out to dry. You'll have a lovely Easter memento and colorful spring-themed decorations for your walls!

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