Who Am I? - Celebrating Black History Month

Elementary Black History Month Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: gigglepotz.com

February is Black History Month and we think this interactive display from Gigglepotz is a great way to introduce your students to some of the influential men and women throughout the years. Before beginning the unit, have your students check out the pictures and read the various clues, writing down who they think each famous figure is. Have them complete the same exercise again, after the unit is over, to assess how much they've learned.

Who Am I?

  • Background: White or light blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Who Am I?"
  • Border: Black history themed bulletin board border or complimentary solid color/pattern border.
  • Decoration: Find an image or coloring page of each influential figure, adding a colorful paper border as well as an identifying number or letter to each photo, and arrange the pictures on the bulletin board. On a note card (to be displayed next to each picture), or a handout to be given to each student, write several clues about each person.