Valentine's Day Wax Paper Heart Garland

valentine's day wax paper garland craft
Photo Source: My Mommy Makes It

Have your students help you decorate the classroom for Valentine's Day this year with this cutesy heart garland made with wax paper. We found the craft at My Mommy Makes It and think it would make a great addition to any early childhood classroom!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Old Crayons
  • Cheese grater
  • Art tissue paper (in Valentine's Day colors)
  • Heart paper punch
  • Wax paper
  • Valentine's Day confetti (optional)
  • Paper punch
  • Red craft ribbon
  • Craft pom pons

Heart Garland: Day 1

Set up stations so that your students will be able to help in each step of the process. In the first station, set out old crayons in shades of red and pink. Demonstrate how to use the cheese grater to grate the crayons into fine wax pieces. Provide a small plastic container for each student to fill with shavings (this will help students stay focused and know when to quit!).

At the next station, provide scissors, art tissue paper, and festive paper punches. Invite your students to use the tools to make Valentine's Day confetti from the tissue. Once again, provide a small container for storing the confetti and providing your students with a project goal (i.e. fill the snack size Ziploc, plastic container, etc. then move to the next station).

At the last station, set out 11" x 14" sheets of wax paper. Armed with their crayon shavings, tissue paper confetti, and store-bought glitter confetti (optional), invite your students to decorate the sheet of paper. When finished, place a second 11" x 14" sheet of wax paper over the first, slide it onto a tray, label the top sheet with the student's name, and set aside for safe keeping.

After school (or when the children are out of the classroom), use an iron to seal the two sheets of wax paper together. [NOTE: This will also melt the crayon shavings for a cute effect!]

Heart Garland: Day 2

Pass back each students' creation, providing each student or group of students with a card stock heart template as well. Invite them to trace and cut as many hearts as they can from their homemade paper. As they finish, students can then be invited to the "stringing station" where they'll use a paper punch to create two small holes in their heart cutouts and string them on to a long ribbon, adding a red pom pon to the center of each for extra embellishment.

Lesley suggests placing these garlands by a window for a beautiful {festive!} stained-glass effect!

My Mommy Makes It: Easy Mom and Child Valentine's Crafts