Valentine's Day Celery Printing!

Valentine's Day Vegetable Stamping Craft for Kids
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Need a Valentine's Day craft in a pinch? Check the produce bin in your refrigerator! You heard us correctly, the produce bin. Maureen over at Maureen Cracknell Handmade posted this imaginative craft last year and we thought it would be a smash hit with your little ones. This year, instead of purchasing the same old cards from the store, create unique and fun printed valentines with celery!

Supplies You'll Need

As a fun activity extension, when your students are finished making cutesy Valentine flowers, provide each child with a single celery stick and small container of paint to use for classroom review games. For example, give younger students a worksheet with various upper and lower case letters printed haphazardly on the page and have them use their celery to "mark" each letter as it's called. For older learners, place various nouns, verbs, and adjectives on the paper, having your students mark an appropriate word as each category is called out. This would also work for numbers or even math problems {place the solutions on the paper and call out the problem}!
For this and other fabulous crafts, be sure to visit Maureen Cracknell Handmade!