Tricorn & Stovepipe Hats for President's Day!

President's Day Hat Crafts for Kids
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Help your little learners get excited about history and discovering more about the men who have led our country with these fabulous hat crafts from Diane over at! Whether you're learning about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, etc. we know your kiddos will have fun getting into character...

Included in the post are directions for making a tricorn hat - often associated with our first president, George Washinton - as well as a stovepipe hat {or top hat!} which is almost as famous as the beard of our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln. Chances are you'll be including these two famous men in your President's Day activities, so the crafts will go perfectly with your lesson plans and will offer a fun way to help your kiddos connect with history!

For a pdf of the craft tutorials, be sure to visit!