Tissue Paper Apple Craft

Back To School and Johnny Appleseed Craft for Kids
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Great for fall or Johnny Appleseed Day, this craft from Mrs. Nelson's Class will add some color to your classroom and provide a great way to improve fine motor/scissor skills as well as a fun {sticky!} sensory experience for your kiddos.

There are several alternatives for creating these beautiful apple sun catchers. For younger students who may not feel comfortable using a pair of scissors, demonstrate how to tear the tissue paper into small pieces and collage it onto the sticky surface of the contact paper. For older students, offer them a chance to improve scissor skills, inviting them to cut rectangles, squares, or other shapes to collage onto the apple cutout.

Attached the finished tissue paper apples to your window to use as sun catchers or, if you don't have any window space, add a small hole at the top of each, string them onto ribbon, and create a garland that you can hang around a bulletin board, on the ceiling, or even around the classroom door!

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