The Underground Railroad - Drinking Gourd Window Craftivity

Black History Month Underground Railroad Kids Craft and Preschool Lesson Plan
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The Underground Railroad, a secret network of meeting places and safe houses that helped escaped slaves travel from the South to safer territories in the North, did not have a set route. Because of the danger to both the slaves and those who were helping them, the safe houses used, modes of transportation, etc. changed often to protect all involved. As escaped slaves moved from location to location, they relied on secret coded messages {many historians believe these coded messages were sewn into quilts} to direct them to safe passage.

Without maps, directions, or other navigational instruments, attempting to find their way on an unknown route was dangerous and difficult. They relied on the stars for navigation; specifically, they used the Big Dipper {which they called the Drinking Gourd} and the North Star to guide their journey North.

This Drinking Gourd window craftivity from is a great craft to incorporate into your lessons after learning about the significance of the Big Dipper. Not only will it provide a tangible connection to the lesson, it will also help your preschoolers build fine motor skills!

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