The Magic of Fireflies - A Craft & A Game!

Summer Firefly Bug Kids Craft
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To young children, fireflies can seem like magical creatures. Oh the joy that comes with running around at dusk, capturing those little blinking bugs in homemade jars or nets, and watching them as they glow. Unfortunately, like Cinderella, fireflies must be returned "home" at the end of the night - no keeping them on the windowsill or dresser top to blink through the night. To keep the magic alive, have your kiddos make one {or several!} of these adorable light up firefly crafts designed by Katie Steuernagle at Ohdeedoh!

Supplies You'll Need

To complete the experience, place these adorable "bugs" in your firefly jar or net, set them on the windowsill or dresser, and allow your kiddos to drift to sleep with their glow as a nightlight. [NOTE: We're not sure how the tealight and plastic egg will react for the long haul, so you might consider slipping in to turn them off once your little ones are asleep.] The firefly crafts would also make for a fun scavenger hunt game - indoors with the lights turned off or outdoors at dusk! Hide the glowing bugs, provide the children with jars/nets, and send them out to find as many of the fireflies as they can!

Be sure to head on over to Ohdeedoh for the project directions!