The Colors of Me Name Activity

Name Recognition and Colors First Day of School Preschool Lesson Plan In our last post we shared a fun first day of school letter activity to do with your preschoolers and here's another great name project that is sure to make a great addition to your first week of school plans! It's super simple and provides a crafty way to get to know your new preschoolers a little bit better.

Start by printing the name of each student in the middle of a piece of card stock with black permanent marker, then draw an oval around the name and divide the remaining space into four equal sections. Finally, create a key assigning each section a color - i.e. favorite color, hair color, etc. To complete the activity, we suggest working as a group, inviting your kiddos to use a mixture of graphic art tools and encouraging them to have fun working with designs rather than coloring each section a solid color. Not only does this activity provide a fun opportunity for getting to know your new students, it's also a great way to practice listening skills and following directions.

For example, your directions might look/sound like the following;

  • Select your favorite color marker and trace the letters of your name. When finished, replace the marker in the supply bin and wait for the next direction.
  • Look down at the shirt you are wearing. Find the crayon that most closely matches the color of your shirt and color the oval around your name. When finished coloring, put your crayon back in the box and listen closely for the next step.
  • Etcetera!

Mounted on a piece of construction paper, these name projects would look great on the classroom walls or on the front of your students' desks!

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