"Thank You, Earth" - Earth Day Activities

April 22nd is "Earth Day" - the day we celebrate our planet, appreciate the beauty of nature, and learn ways to protect our environment. Here are some fantastic exercises {via April Larremore of Chalk Talk} to work into your lessons as you help your kinders understand the importance of taking care of our earth!

kindergarten Earth Day writing activity worksheetThank you, Earth!

Begin by reading Megan Halsey's 3 Planting Pandas, Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel, or another Earth Day literature selection. Invite your students to brainstorm a list of their favorite outdoor activities. Discuss with your students that when we pollute our environment {the land, the atmosphere, the water}, there are consequences and remind them of the importance of keeping our planet clean, conserving resources, etc. To wrap up the activity, provide your kiddos with pieces of paper and graphic art tools, inviting them to draw and write about their favorite outdoor activity! [NOTE: You might also consider using the clip art images provided in April's Earth Day unit and word processing software to create a custom worksheet for this activity like we did. It's simple!]

kindergarten collaborative hand print Earth Day earth art project
Photo Source: larremoreteachertips.blogspot.com

We Promise Our Earth

Another great way to inspire your students to be conscious of their impact on the environment is with a promise board. Discuss with your students what a promise is {and what it means to make a promise}. Invite your kinders to recount a time in which they promised someone something. In honor of Earth Day, brainstorm things you might "promise" to do or not do in order to keep the environment clean and healthy. Have your students draw and write about their personal promise(s) to the Earth. End with this collaborative hand print Earth art project to display in the classroom! Students will love the 'hands-on' project and the opportunity to squish paint between their fingers!