Super Fun Coffee Filter Fireworks

Need some great craft ideas for Independence Day? We've been on the lookout and thought we'd share some fun projects we've come across that are sure to delight your kiddos!

Patriotic Kids Craft
Photo Source: | Amanda Formaro

The first craft comes from Amanda Formaro, Chief Editor of! Perfect to wave at a Fourth of July parade, make at a family BBQ (or display as a centerpiece!), or simply play with around the house, these fun coffee filter fireworks make the perfect addition to your holiday crafting plans! While little crafters may need some help with the chenille stem as well as guide lines to help them cut the filters, we know they'll love using watercolor paints to color the filters and playing with the fluffy patriotic flowers. Older crafters should have no problem putting the full craft together. Using the watercolors, we love how each firework is a little different; some more solid in color and others having a tie-dyed effect!

We had a hard time accessing the full tutorial at, but we were able to find it at Amanda's craft site - Crafts by Amanda - and you can check it out there as well!