Summer Olympics - Biographies, List Poems, & More!

Summer Olympics Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We just adore this Summer Olympics Games unit study from Mrs. Williamson of Welcome To Room 36! In the last few days of school, Jessica and her kinders completed lots of fun activities - exploring the various sporting events featured at the games, reading biographies of well-known Olympians, writing poetry, etc. While you'll have to visit Jessica's blog for the full set, here's a sneak peek at our favorite Olympics-inspired exercise.

Bubble Maps and List Poems

As a group, Jessica and her kinders discussed the various adjectives that can be used to describe Olympic athletes -i.e. focused, motivated, etc. Together, they organized their thoughts using a bubble map and then returned to their seats, using the chart to help them compose list poems about Olympians. We love that this activity includes both individual and group components!

The best part is Jessica offers her Olympics Unit for sale at her Teachers Pay Teachers site! It includes this awesome poetry exercise, as well as tons of other fun activities! Be sure to visit Welcome To Room 36 for the details!