Stunning! - Shamrock Suncatcher

St. Patrick's Day shamrock suncather craft
Photo Source: Rockabye Butterfly

We found this cute St. Patty's Day shamrock suncatcher at Rockabye Butterfly and thought it would be perfect for rounding out this year's holiday decor! Not only will it provide a fun craft for your students to complete in the week leading up to St. Patrick's Day, it may just inspire the sun to shine, casting colorful shamrocks to dance about your classroom!

Supplies You'll Need

Create two stations; in the first, have students use the card stock shamrock outline to create and cut their own from a sheet of green construction paper and, in the second, have students take turns using a small shamrock paper punch to create a pile of cutouts from assorted colors of art tissue paper {i.e. various shades of green, as well as orange and white}. Make sure each student gets a chance to visit both stations. Back at their seats, provide students with a 12" x 18" piece of clear contact paper, inviting them to place it 'sticky side up' on their desk. In the center, have students mount their shamrock cutout, then collage the center with their tissue shamrocks. Assist your students in laying a second piece of clear contact paper {this time, sticky side down} over their creation, pressing firmly to seal. Have your students cut around the finished shamrock suncatcher, then tape to the classroom windows or hang from the ceiling {using the hole punch and yarn} for a festive decoration!