Streamers for St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Craft for Kids
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This adorable streamer craft from Amber over at Because Babies Grow Up is the perfect compliment to your St. Patrick's Day festivities! It's colorful, provides a chance for active play, and is quite simple to craft!

Supplies You'll Need

Amber was able to find St. Patrick's Day themed paper plates, but plain white paper plates will do too! Simply extend the craft, inviting your kiddos to...

  • Draw shamrocks using markers or other graphic art tools
  • Decorate the plate with St. Patrick's Day themed stickers or stamps
  • Cut shamrocks from green construction paper or craft foam to glue around the plate

...or whatever else you might come up with in order to make the streamers a bit more festive!

Pair this craft with some traditional Irish music - and perhaps a dance or two (you might learn and teach your students basic steps then invite them to take turns coming up with different combinations) - and you're kiddos are sure to have a blast!

For the full project tutorial, be sure to visit Because Babies Grow Up!