Star Fish: Egg Carton Sea Creatures Series

Pining for the ocean? Give your students this beach-worthy star fish craft to work on from Sherri Osborn at!

Supplies You'll Need
- Egg carton
- Yellow craft paint
- Kids paint brush
- Craft glue
- Wiggle eyes
- Kids craft scissors
- Yellow beads

Cut each individual egg cup from the carton in advance, using scissors to shape it into a star. You'll need a star cup for each child completing the craft. From this point on, the tasks are simple. This can be great for younger children, but if you have older children completing the project you may want to opt to have them cut the star shape themselves. Armed with a shallow dish of yellow paint, paint brush, and cup, invite your students to paint their sea stars. As this dries, have your students count out fifteen beads (three for each arm). These should then be glued to the underside of the egg cup. Add wiggle eyes on the top and you've succeeded in creating a cute little sea creature!

Egg Carton Star Fish - Free Arts and Crafts for Kids

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