Spring Handprint Lamb Variation

Sirena posted this great craft on Artists Helping Children and it inspired a simple variation. Younger children who don’t yet have the dexterity to trace and cut out a tracing of their own hand will love this alternative.

Supplies You’ll Need • Green construction paperWhite tempura paintKids Paint Paintbrushes • Black marker • Your student’s hand • Cotton balls and glue (optional)

Before beginning this activity, prepare a shallow tub with warm soapy water. Push two or three desks together to create a ‘clean-up station’ supplying water and pre-torn pieces of paper towel (enough for each student to use one to wet and clean, and one to dry). If you’re attempting this craft with younger children, it may be best to have an adult oversee the paint. Otherwise, pour a small amount of paint into a shallow container—one for each student. Have each student hold their hand, palm up, with fingers spread apart and use their paintbrush to cover the entire surface with a layer of white paint. Keeping their fingers spread, instruct them place their hand down flat onto the piece of green construction paper. Arrange the picture so that their fingers point down with the thumb pointing to the side. Students will be able to see the lamb taking shape—their palm-print being the body, their fingers as legs, and their thumb acting as the lamb’s head.

After they have washed up and the paint has dried, have them use a black marker to create hooves and the lamb’s face. Provide construction paper and other supplies so that the children can design the rest of the scene (i.e. trees, rocks, flowers, a fence, etc.). If you desire, provide cotton balls and glue to make the lamb’s fluffy wool. This is a fun spring or Easter activity to complete with any age and skill level!

Make Spring Handprints Lambs for Easter or Spring : Preschoolers and Kids Craft « Animal Crafts Ideas « Kids Crafts & Activities

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