Spring Daffodil Craft for Kids

Springtime 3-D Flower Craft
Photo Source: Rockabye Butterfly

If you are on the hunt for Springtime crafts to complete with your kiddos, check out this cheery 3-D daffodil craft featured on Rockabye Butterfly! We love the use of the egg cartons for bringing the flower to life - a fun twist on your typical 2-D project!

Spring Daffodils


Template (provided here)

Egg cartons

Yellow and Green paint


Paint brushes
Springtime 3-D Flower Craft Supplies
Photo Source: Rockabye Butterfly

Provide each of your kiddos with a copy of the template and two egg carton sections. Have each student glue their egg carton sections to the middle of each flower and then allow time for the glue to completely dry (this would be a great time to talk about plants - how they grow, what they provide, etc.).

Once the glue is dry, turn your students loose to paint their flowers yellow (make sure they don't forget the egg carton here!) and their stems green.

Springtime 3-D Flower Craft Completion
Photo Source: Rockabye Butterfly

These colorful flowers would be a really cute Springtime display on a classroom board or wall!

Springtime 3-D Flower Craft Finished
Photo Source: Rockabye Butterfly

Be sure to stop by Rockabye Butterfly for additional Springtime ideas!!