Spirit-Filled St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re looking for new ways to celebrate this whimsical holiday, Activity Village offers a superb resource for crafts, printable activities, coloring pages, puzzles, and so much more! While including the traditional leprechaun and pot of gold art projects, there are many original craft ideas that will breathe life into any lesson plan. If you are in need of craft supplies check out the great selection over at our online store! Rainbow shakers are one such craft. Not only are they colorful and fun to make, they’re use isn’t restricted to St. Patrick’s Day. Your students will enjoy playing with these delightful classroom instruments throughout the year. In preparation for this project, have your students bring in a small plastic drink bottle. Instruct them to use a bathroom faucet and a little bit of hand soap if their bottles haven’t properly been washed out. Once clean and any bottle label has been torn off, you’re all set to begin.

Provide students with a handful of brightly colored beads. The beads should be placed into the bottle and the lid fastened tightly. If you wish to be certain that the bottle is tightly sealed, place a bit of glue onto the grooves inside the cap before screwing it on. Next, supplying your students with multi-colored art tissue paper and colorful teacher stickers, have them decorate their instrument. Students will enjoy using these sensational projects in circle time or in free play!

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Rainbow Shakers

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