Spin Art Fun!

Paint Cut Paste blog creator recently posted a wonderful project that combines vibrant color and fine/gross motor skills. What is it? Spin art! While she and her daughter used a spinner machine to create fantastic prints, rest assured, this project can be completed without 'expensive' tools.

Supplies You'll Need
- Cheap salad spinner
- Card stock
- Craft paint in assorted colors
- Pencil
- Kids craft scissors

Before beginning the project, remove the plastic basket from your inexpensive salad spinner and trace the bottom onto a piece of card stock. Photocopy this pattern onto assorted colors of card stock and cut them out. A stack of these prefabricated papers should be placed at each 'spinning station'. Demonstrate to your students how to use the salad spinner, then instruct them to place their card stock circle at the bottom of the basket, squirt small drops of paint in a pattern on the paper, replace the lid, and SPIN! Students will learn how to take turns, learn about patterning and color mixing, and use some of their pent up energies to make the project work!

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