Songs & Literature for President's Day

President's Day Music and Literature Preschool Lesson PlanMaddie Gonzalez, teacher and creator of the blog, Squish Preschool Ideas, recently posted some great song and literature selections that we thought you might like to check out for President's Day. You certainly don't want to overwhelm your kiddos, so pick a few famous figures to introduce - Maddie suggests two of the greats, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!

We like that the song verses Maddie features are set to the tune of a well-known children's song; this should make it a bit easier for your kiddos to learn and connect to it. If you're looking for more song songs to sing with your preschoolers, check out There's also some great videos/songs that will help your students learn who Washington and Lincoln were...

We think the selection of literature that Maddie suggested is great, but in the event you want to broaden your scope, you might check out...

  • My Teacher for President by Kay Winters
  • President's Day by Anne Rockwell
  • Celebrating President's Day: What is a President? by Kimberly Jordano and Trisha Callella-Jones
  • If I Were President by Catherine Stier

Don't miss out on the great President's Day songs and literature over at Squish Preschool Ideas, and be sure to check out the craft projects Maddie suggests as well!