"Soaring To Great Things!" Dr. Seuss Back-to-School Decorating Idea

How fun is this hallway?! Seriously, it's so vibrant and cheerful it makes us want to go back to elementary school! If you're looking for a classroom theme for the new year or simply want to make a splash with your hallway decor, we know this design by Suhaill Nuñez is sure to get lots of attention!

A mixture of handcreated accents and purchased elements, here's a closer look at the designs that make up the display...

Soaring To Great Things!

Create the backdrop using cloud bulletin board paper to cover the top half and green bulletin board paper to create "grass" on the bottom half of the board. To decorate the board, Suhaill used Eureka's Dr. Seuss designs;

  • Soaring To Great Things Bulletin Board Set
  • Dr. Seuss Giant Crate Bulletin Board Set
  • Dr. Seuss Blank Directional Signs Mini Bulletin Board Set
  • The Lorax Guide To Green 2-Sided Deco Kit
  • Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & 2 Deco Trim

Reading A Book Is Like Looking Through A Window!

Suhaill's classroom came equipped with the perfect window for the display - she simply covered the panes with blue/cloud bulletin board paper. If you don't already have a window, simply cut a large square of blue/cloud bulletin board paper and use strips of white bulletin board paper to add the grid. Red fabric or pieces of bulletin board paper, gathered in the middle and 'tied back' with short strips of yellow paper make great 'curtains'. For the characters, we suggest searching for clip art images of Sally and her brother that can be enlarged and traced onto white or black bulletin board paper using your classroom projector system.

Thing 1 Door Display

How fun is the three-dimensional hair?! To recreate the design, cover the top half of the door with bright blue bulletin board paper and the bottom half with red background paper that's shaped at the top to look like Thing 1's shirt. Use your classroom projector system, once again, to enlarge and trace Thing 1's face onto white bulletin board paper. Be sure to use a black marker to outline/trace over the shape. Lastly, scrunch sheets of blue tissue paper, attaching them to the door and wall to create Thing 1's hair! {We're not entirely certain what material Suhaill used, but blue tissue paper will work too!}

The Extras

To complete the design, Suhaill used two other Eureka products;

  • Giant Cat in the Hat Bulletin Board Set
  • Dr. Seuss Pennant Banner