Silly Rooster Hats for Preschool

Since your students are already feeling a bit silly (silly with pure joy that the school year is about to end that is), why not tap into this exuberant energy for some fun and silly craft projects! Submitted to Simple Kids Crafts this rooster hat is likely to score a few laughs and classroom fun!

Supplies You'll Need
- White cardboard or sturdy card stock
- Construction paper
- Black Sharpie marker
- Craft scissors
- Craft glue Project Instructions

  1. Cut the comb and wattle out of red construction paper.
  2. Cut a beak from the orange construction paper.
  3. Eyes should be made using white card stock, green (or any other color) construction paper, and a Sharpie marker.
  4. Bend a sturdy piece of white card stock around and glue the two ends together creating a hat.
  5. Glue on the comb (It's best to glue it on the inside).
  6. Glue on the top beak, then the wattle, then the bottom beak.
  7. Glue the eye pieces together and attach them to the card stock.

To get full detail and a video demonstration, watch the instruction video before tackling this art project!

Extensions Have your students practice being roosters and strut around the classroom to farm tunes, read farm books, or explore the body parts of a rooster (e.g. comb, wattle, etc.) on the web.

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