Sensory Art - Fun with Peanuts

Once again, with these projects you'll have to be very aware of any peanut allergies your kiddos might have, but we thought we'd pass them along in the event they would fit into your plans for Black History Month. In the spirit of learning about George Washington Carver, prominent scientist, inventor, and botanist known for his discovery of different uses for peanuts, each of these projects incorporates peanuts in some way!

Black History Month and Fun Craft for Kids
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Jenny over at Creatively Blooming suggests a little fun with peanut butter finger painting!

 Black History Month Sensory Craft for Kids
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This project from Stelling's Stories inspired an idea - perhaps if you don't want the sticky mess of painting with actual peanut butter, you might consider adding peanut butter flavoring to tan paint! {Those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches DO look mighty good! Adding strawberry or grape flavoring to the red/purple paint, or perhaps creating 'jello paint', would complete the sensory experience!}

Black History Month and Fun Sensory Craft for Kids
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Last, but not least, similar to sand or salt painting {sand painting pictured above}, you might consider using a food processor to create peanut "sand". Students can first color or paint their art paper then, after tracing patterns with drip glue, sprinkle the peanut sand onto the wet designs!

We love these projects because, not only do they fit with a lesson on the life and achievements of George Washington Carver, they offer an opportunity for your students to work with unique art materials!