Science Explorations - The Sense of Touch

Five Senses Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: nesharm | iStockphoto

We found this great, comprehensive lesson plan at Brilliant Beginnings Preschool {a blog created by preschool teacher, Ms. Morgan} to help your kiddos explore their sense of touch. With this concept at its center, the lesson provides your little scientists with practice in making observations and gathering information, as well as making comparisons and drawing conclusions.

As an introductory activity, Ms. Morgan suggests gathering several items from around the house or classroom that have a unique texture - bubble wrap, a feather, etc. Then, using two different points of contact {their fingers and their elbow}, students are invited to compare how the items feel. Ms. Morgan offers some guiding questions that will help your kiddos discover that their fingertips are more sensitive to touch than their elbows and can feel things in greater detail.

This is just one of the many activities Ms. Morgan includes in her comprehensive lesson. For a fun song, craft, and game, be sure to visit Brilliant Beginnings Preschool for the details!