Salmon Swimming Upstream

Patty, creator of Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons blog, provides a great kindergarten art project your students are sure to love! Integrating color theory and a wonderful science lesson segue, the finished masterpieces will bring vibrant color to the classroom and introduce students to an interesting phenomenon; salmon swimming upstream!

Supplies You'll Need
- Orange and blue construction paper
- Black Crayola oil pastels
- White and gold metallic paint
- Paint brushes
- Craft scissors Begin using the black oil pastel to draw salmon onto the piece of orange construction paper. Using a small paint brush, create scales with the white and gold metallic paint. Remember also to use the white to color in the salmon's eye. Provide each student with craft scissors to cut out their fish. Once these have been cut out and set aside, give each student a piece of blue construction paper and more white paint. Invite them to mimic a raging river, painting with big sweeping arm movements and creating their own river on the blue paper. Attach the salmon onto the background and you have a colorful work of art! The orange (a warm color) looks spectacular against the blue background (a cool color)!

Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons for Kids: Upstream Salmon Art Project for Kinders