Robots in Kindergarten

This robot made from recycled materials is the perfect craft for your kindergarten classroom! Designed by Patty, elementary school art teacher and creator of the blog Deep Space Sparkle, you'll be able to clean out the odds and ends in your art cabinet (get it all ready for next year!) and provide an interesting activity to assuage the restless energies of your students.

Supplies You'll Need

Honestly, anything flies when it comes to this project! Bottle caps, juice can toppers, aluminum foil, shiny paper, plastic containers, old buttons, scraps of paper - you name it and this project could probably make use of it. Besides these 'robot-making' supplies, you'll need a piece of sturdy cardboard for each student to act as the project's backing, Crayola oil pastels, craft paint, kids paint brushes, paint rollers, and a few other texture or print-making items. Project Instructions

  1. Have your kindergartners use craft paint and the textured items to create a background on the cardboard backing. Set aside to dry.
  2. Provide students with pre-cut cardboard shapes of different sizes. Have them use these pieces to create their robot, gluing them to their painted backgrounds.
  3. With the robot structure finalized, give students oil pastels and your stash of recycled materials encouraging them to have a ball decorating their robots however they like!

You'll be amazed at the creativity of your students! For pictures of how Patty's kindergartners designed their robots, be sure to check out the full post!

Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons for Kids: Recycled Robot Art project

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