Reversible Lion & Lamb Craft!

reversible lion and lamb weather craft
Photo Source: Busy Teacher's Cafe

There's an old legend that states, if on the first of March the weather "comes in like a lion", it will "go out like a lamb" {and vice versa!}. If you're planning to incorporate this idea into your March lesson plans or weather unit, here's a great craft to take a look at. We found it at Busy Teacher's Cafe!

Supplies You'll Need

Have students use the templates to create their own lion and lamb face cutouts from the yellow and black construction paper - using markers and construction paper to add any detailing (i.e. eyes, mouth, etc.). Mount a face to each paper plate. Use strips of orange art tissue paper to create the mane on the lion plate and cotton balls to decorate the lamb plate. Glue the plates back to back, punch a hole in the top, and add a piece of yarn, hanging the reversible lion and lamb craft from the ceiling. A great decoration for the month of March!

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