Recycled Earth - Fun Earth Day Craft

Earth Day Recycled Craft for Kids
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April 22nd is Earth Day and, if you need some fun craft ideas, here's a great one to start with! It's super simple, will provide your kiddos with some fabulous fine motor building, and offers a great introduction to recycling. [...We found this, along with lots of other great crafts, over at No Time For Flash Cards...]

Supplies You'll Need

Not only will your kiddos have a blast completing the craft, the finished earth cutouts can be used for lots of fun things! String them on a ribbon to create an Earth Day garland, add upper and lower case letters to each cutout and invite students to find the matches, paste the cutouts to the floor and have your kiddos hop from 'earth' to 'earth' as you listen to Earth Day songs {perhaps playing a game similar to musical chairs} - the possibilities are endless!

For the full project instructions, be sure to visit No Time For Flash Cards!