Recycled Art - Fun with Plastic Bottle Lids!

Recycled Earth Day Craft for Kids
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Are you getting your lesson and craft plans ready for Earth Day? Here's an easy craft from Heidi Borchers, creator of Inspired at Home and featured contributor at, that is super simple, requires little material, and offers a great way to show how items from around the home can be used to create other fun things!

Supplies You'll Need

For younger children, this craft can be done in stages...

  1. We love the idea of using liquid watercolors and watercolor paper to create homemade colored paper. It's a great way for your kiddos to explore how different colors blend to create new shades. When the paper is dry, cut all of the prints into 2" x 2" squares.
  2. Provide students with a piece of card stock or poster board, inviting them to collage the space with the watercolor paper squares. When they're happy with the placement, students can then add the bottle caps and other embellishments!

This is, of course, a bit different than the original project. To see how Heidi created her bottle lid print, be sure to visit for the full tutorial!

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