Rainbow Sensory Play & Sun Catcher Craft

Rainbow Sensory Play and Sun Catcher Craft

Contact paper, with its sticky surface, provides a wonderful sensory experience for little hands. If you're looking for a fun play/learning activity this St. Patrick's Day, we love the idea of creating a rainbow 'sticky wall' that, after your kiddos are done, can be turned into a lovely classroom decoration!

Activity preparation...

  • Draw a large rainbow shape onto clear contact paper, using painters tape to attach it (sticky side up) to the classroom window.
  • Collect tissue paper in rainbow colors, cutting the sheets into small squares.

To complete the activity...

Have students use the tissue paper pieces to fill in the rainbow cutout and, when finished, add a second sheet of contact paper (sticky side down) to the creation. With the contact paper smoothed out, use scissors to cut around the outside edge of the rainbow shape to create a sun catcher!