Pumpkin Week Activities

Fall and Halloween Math and Science Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: Ms. White

We're sure you have lots of pumpkin lesson ideas for fall, but we thought that Ms. White did a fantastic job putting together this activity set for her first graders and thought we'd pass it along, just in case you needed a bit of new inspiration. Crafts, literacy, math, science - this is the whole package! Here's a highlight of our two favorite activities...

Pumpkin Glyphs

Glyphs are a fantastic math tool, offering a unique way to collect and display data. In the spirit of fall, Ms. White invited her kiddos to answer the various questions about pumpkins...

  • Have you ever eaten pumpkin seeds?
  • Would you carve a funny or scary face on your pumpkin?
  • Etcetera

...in order to build a pumpkin that would uniquely represent them! Once on the wall, students can tell just by looking at the pumpkins {and the number of buttons, the color of the patches, etc.} how their classmates answered the questions.

Pumpkin Predictions

This is a popular activity, but we think it's great fun! Introduce or review the concept of making predictions by using pumpkins...

  • Predict how much the pumpkin will weigh - with and without the inside "goop"
  • Guess the circumference of the pumpking {using yarn to measure and see who was the closest}
  • Predict how many pumpkin seeds will be found inside
  • Guess whether a pumpkin will sink or float when placed in water

This is a great, hands-on math activity that never seems to get old with the kiddos!

Head on over to Ms. White's classroom website to see what else she has in store for pumpkin week!

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