Preschool String Art

When planning art projects for your preschoolers, it is best to keep things simple. Melissa, an active mom and creator of the blog Chasing Cheerios, invites teachers to try string art.

Supplies You'll Need
- Craft paper
- Assorted string, yarn, ribbon, and cord
- Tempera paint There are several variations you might choose to attempt with your students. For the first, invite your students to dip their piece of string into the paint, place it onto their paper, then fold the paper in half and pull the string free. In most cases, these will create a 'mirrored' image on each side of the paper. Another option is to crease the paper so that it's divided into two sections and have your students decorate one side only by placing the string directly on the paper in 'stamp-like' fashion, 'dancing' the string over the surface of the paper, or making interesting marks by other means. Once they've covered one side, fold the paper in half to create the mirrored print.

Beware, this project can get as messy as finger painting so make sure your students have come to school equipped with an apron or old 'paint' shirt. It is also advisable to set up a station where children can was their hands.

Chasing Cheerios: String Art

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