Popcorn Cherry Blossom Trees

popcorn cherry blossom art project or craft
Photo Source: PreschoolRock.com

We found this fantastic cherry blossom project at PreschoolRock.com {via Evelyn Saenz's Squidoo page}. What child wouldn't like working with popcorn?!

Supplies You'll Need

Have your students begin by drawing or tracing a tree {it's trunk and branches} with a thin-tipped paint brush and the brown craft paint. When dry, set out shallow dishes of white glue and paint brushes or glue bottles, inviting students to place small dots of glue on individual popped popcorn kernels and arranging them on the branches of their tree.

You might also consider...

Instead of white 'blossoms', consider having your students help you make colored blossoms. Provide each child with a small ziploc bag of popcorn, place a drop or two of red food coloring into the back, seal it and invite your kiddos to carefully massage the color through the bag until all of the kernels are dyed. Have them dump the dyed popcorn onto a paper towel to dry. Then complete the process described above, substituting a piece of white paper for the pink and the dyed popcorn kernels for the plain. PreschoolRock.com - Spring Blossom Tree Preschool Craft