Patriotic Flag Day Wind Sock Craft

Summer Patriotic Flag Craft for Kids
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Flag Day is next Friday and, if you're looking for a fun summer inspired project to do with your crafty kiddos, we recommend checking out this festive patriotic wind sock craft from Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM! We love that these festive creations are made using recycled materials {yet another lovely way to show your kiddos how 'trash' can be turned into something useful!} and that their patriotic design makes them the perfect classroom or yard accessory for Flag Day and Independence Day!

There are various steps - spray painting, using a glue gun to add ribbons to the can, and punching holes in the top of the can - that do require adult supervision and/or assistance, but we know your kiddos will be tickled to help wherever they can and that they'll enjoy watching their creations sway in the breeze!

To see how Kelli and her kiddos went about making their patriotic wind socks, be sure to visit Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM!