Paper Mache Globes for Earth Day!

Earth Day Paper Mache Globe Craft for Kids
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How fun is this Earth Day globe craft from Our Day Our Journey? Not only does paper mache offer a lovely sensory art experience, we're certain crafters of any age will enjoy exploring the wet, sticky concoction, using recycled newspaper as a base for the craft is also a great way to show your students that common/every day items found around the house can be given a new purpose! Not to mention, as your kiddos tear or cut the newsprint and colored tissue paper, they're building fine motor skills!

Along with this awesome craft, Christine also shares some great tips for conserving water! While your little crafters may not be able to integrate all of these ideas - they will not be purchasing appliances, after all - there are certainly things they can do as part of their daily routine that will help make a difference! Plugging the tub before turning on the water when taking a bath before bedtime and not letting the water run while lathering their hands with soap, for example.

For the full project tutorial and tips on creating a the right consistency for your paper mache, be sure to visit Our Day Our Journey!