Our Character is Contagious! - Inspirational Bulletin Board

Elementary Inspirational and Motivational Bulletin Board
Photo Source: corneroncharacter.blogspot.com

We found this really great inspirational bulletin board idea over at The Corner On Character, a blog created by counselor and character coach, Barbara Gruener, and think it would be perfect for any early childhood learning space! While the word 'contagious' generally has a negative connotation, in this instance, we think it's a great reminder that character is not just taught, it's modeled.

Contagious Character Bulletin Board

  • Background: Yellow bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Our Character is Contagious; Make Yours Worth Catching!"
  • Border: Cutesy kid themed border or complimentary solid color/patterned border.
  • Decoration: Find cutesy clip art images of children to print and hang, have your students decorate a dessert sized paper plate to look like themselves, or purchase kid cutouts from your favorite teacher supply store to arrange around the bulletin board. Script or add printed character words - trustworthiness, compassion, respect, self-discipline, etc. - around the board.

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