One of A Kind Flowers

Parents enjoy when their children bring home crafts they’ve been working on in class, especially when these projects include elements that are special or unique to their child, like a hand-, foot-, or fingerprint. While gaining priority placement on the refrigerator or family message board, these masterpieces can also become instant keepsakes. Allison McDonald, Family Education blog contributor, has posted a simple spring craft that will add a splash of color to your classroom, while also being a big hit with parents! Supplies You’ll Need • Construction paper in assorted colors • Washable stamp pads in assorted colors • Crayola markers

Because the ink can get kind-of messy, create a ‘clean-up station’ before beginning this activity by pushing two or three desks together. Prepare a shallow tub with warm soapy water and supply pre-torn pieces of paper towel (enough for each student to use one to wet and clean, and one to dry). Provide each student with a piece of construction paper, instruct them to press their finger onto the ink pad, then press their finger onto the paper to create a fingerprint. Encourage them to experiment with different colors (perhaps mixing colors with one fingerprint on top of the other) and different shapes. Show them how different pressures and movements will accomplish shape variations. Once these prints have dried, use markers to draw flower petals and stems for a simple, yet colorful, keepsake!

Finger Print Flowers Mom's Parenting Blog by Allison McDonald - FamilyEducation

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