Octopus: Egg Carton Sea Creatures Series

Pining for the ocean? Give your students this beach-worthy octopus craft to work on from Sherri Osborn at About.com!

Supplies You'll Need
- Egg carton
- Purple craft paint
- Kids paint brush
- Purple felt sheet
- White or light purple beads
- Craft glue
- Wiggle eyes
- Kids scissors

Begin by separating each individual cup from the egg carton. Use craft scissors to trim the edge of each cup to create a smooth edge. Prepare enough cups so that each student completing the craft has one. The first step is to paint the egg cup purple and set it aside to dry. As the paint sets, provide each of your students with a card stock 'arm' template that measures 6-inches by 1/2-inch. Have them trace and cut eight arms from the purple felt then glue four or five beads to one side of each.

Now it's time to attach the arms to the octopus 'body'. Have your students place a generous ring of craft glue around the inside edge of the cup and affix the arms (making sure the beaded side of each is visible). After the glue has dried, have your students turn the creature right side up (the 'suction cup' beads will then be on the inside of the arms) and add wiggle eyes. This, along with the jellyfish, is a fun craft to hand from the ceiling, door frame, or window!

Egg Carton Octopus - Free Arts and Crafts for Kids

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